The SDA Lab's research agenda is application-driven, as outlined in our mission statement. Toward that end, we believe we can best contribute to scientific projects by having a working knowledge of a variety of technologies and open source software that will apply to a broad range of applications. These include software for scientific visualization, image analysis, and numerical analysis, as well as protocols and middleware for distributed and Grid-based applications.

We list here some examples of our collaborative projects.

Chemical Informatics and Cyberinfrastructure Collaboratory - providing visualization tools that access the CICC Web services
LifeScienceWeb - a collaboration with the Mooney Lab.
CompuCell - a collaboration with the Biocomplexity Institute, the OSL, and the University of Notre Dame.
NLOPredict - a collaboration with the Simpson Group at Purdue University.
Medical imaging and analysis - a collaboration with the Imaging Sciences Division of the Department of Radiology in the IU School of Medicine.
Virtual Chemistry Lab - a collaboration with IUPUI Chemistry and IUPUI Computer Science.
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) outreach

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