Python for Scientific Gateways Development
Randy Heiland, Sean D. Mooney, Joshua Boverhof, Keith Jackson, Marcus Christie, Maciek Swat, Ariel Balter, Joseph Insley
Proceedings of Grid Computing Environments (GCE) workshop, Supercomputing 2007, Reno, NV.

MutDB: update on development of tools for the biochemical analysis of genetic variation
Arti Singh, Adebayo Olowoyeye, Peter H. Baenziger, Jessica Dantzer, Maricel G. Kann, Predrag Radivojac, Randy Heiland, Sean D. Mooney
Nucleic Acids Research 2007

Web Service Infrastructure for Chemoinformatics
Xiao Dong, Kevin E. Gilbert, Rajarshi Guha, Randy Heiland, Jungkee Kim, Marlon E. Pierce, Geoffrey C. Fox, David J. Wild
J. Chem. Inf. Model., 47(4), 1303-1307, 2007

VisPort: Web-Based Access to Community-Based Visualization Functionality
M.P. Baker, R. Heiland, E. Bachta, M. Das
Proceedings in TeraGrid Conference, Madison WI, June 4-8, 2007

Visual Methods for Interpreting Optical Nonlinearity at the Molecular Level
R. D. Wampler, A. J. Moad, C. W. Moad, R. Heiland, and G. J. Simpson
Accounts of Chemical Research, Vol 40, Issue 10, 2007

NLOPredict: Visualization and data analysis software for nonlinear optics
A. Moad, C. Moad, J. Perry, R. Wampler, G.S. Goeken, N. Begue, T. Shen, R. Heiland, G. Simpson
Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2007

Identification of Similar Regions of Protein Structures Using Integrated Sequence and Structure Analysis Tools
B. Peters, C. Moad, E. Youn, K. Buffington, R. Heiland, S.D. Mooney
BMC Structural Biology 2006, 6:4

Computer Workshops at the Girl Scout Math & Science Center.
R. Heiland and K. Browning
Poster presentation, ITAP Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference (Purdue), March 1, 2006.

Squeak: A Free Computer Application to Enhance Math and Science Learning
R. Heiland, Presentation, HASTI Conference, Indianapolis, Feb 10, 2006.

XML for Bioinformatics
R. Heiland, Book Review, Briefings in Bioinformatics, Feb 2006.

LifeScienceWeb Services: Integrated Analysis of Protein Structural Data
C. Moad, R. Heiland, S. Mooney
Poster presentation at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, Jan 3-7, 2006.

Introduction to Distributed Computing
R. Heiland, Supercomputing conference Education Program, Nov 2005. (Sakai link)

MutDB services: interactive structural analysis of mutation data
J. Dantzer, C. Moad, R. Heiland, S. Mooney
Nucleic Acids Research, Vol 33, July 2005

Building Grid Portal Applications from a Web-Service Component Architecture
D. Gannon, J. Alameda, O. Chipara, M. Christie, V. Dukle, L. Fang, M. Farellee, G. Fox, S. Hampton, G. Kandaswamy, D. Kodeboyina, C. Moad, M. Pierce, B. Plale, A. Rossi, Y. Simmhan, A. Sarangi, A. Slominski, S. Shirasauna, T. Thomas,
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Using Squeak to graphically model symmetries in nature.
R. Heiland, D. Milsho, and K. Browning
Poster presentation, ITAP Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference (Purdue), Feb 15-16, 2005.

Python-based Tools and Web Services for Structural Bioinformatics (ppt)
R. Heiland, C. Moad, and S. Mooney
Presentation at the SciPy (Scientific Tools for Python) Conference, Caltech, Sept 3, 2004

MolNav: A Tool for Visualizing Protein Disorder (ppt)
C. Crosetto, K. Dunker, T. Le Gall, R. Heiland, and C. Moad
Poster presentation at the 1st Annual Indiana Bioinformatics Conference, Indianapolis, May 27, 2004

Understanding Grid Resource Information Management through a Synthetic Database Benchmark/Workload
Beth Plale, Craig Jacobs, Scott Jensen, Ying Liu, Charlie Moad, Rupali Parab, and Prajakta Vaidya,
4th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid2004), April 2004.

Portal Access to Parallel Visualization of Scientific Data on the Grid
Charlie Moad and Beth Plale,
Indiana University Computer Science Technical Report TR-492, February 2004.

Poster: Understanding Grid Resource Information Management through a Synthetic Database Benchmark/Workload,
Beth Plale, Craig Jacobs, Ying Liu, Charlie Moad, Rupali Parab, Prajakta Vaidya, and Nithya Vijaykumar
International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC), Hyderabad, India, December 2003.

Benchmark Details of Synthetic Database Benchmark/Workload for Grid Resource Information
Beth Plale, Craig Jacobs, Ying Liu, Charlie Moad, Rupali Parab, and Prajakta Vaidya,
Indiana University Computer Science Technical Report TR-583, August 2003.

VisBench: A Framework for Remote Data Visualization and Analysis
R. Heiland, M. P. Baker, and D. Tafti
Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Proceedings of the 2001 International Conference on Computational Science, San Francisco, May 2001

High Quality Rendering of Temporal Field Data using NCSA VisBench and Condor-Globus Gateway
D. Tafti, W. Huang, M. P. Baker, R. Heiland, M. Livny, T. Tannenbaum, and S. Martin
Poster presentation and demo at Supercomputing 1999

Co-Processing: Experience with CUMULVS and pV3
R. Heiland and M. P. Baker
January 1999

A Survey of Visualization Tools for High Performance Computing
R. Heiland, M. P. Baker, and B. D. Semeraro
Poster presentation at SIAM Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing 1999

A review of tele-immersive applications in the CAVE research network
Leigh, J., et al
Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality, March 1999

A Survey of Co-Processing Systems
R. Heiland and M. P. Baker
August 1998

Visualization of Damaged Structures
M. P. Baker, D. Bock, R. Heiland, and M. Stephens
March 1998

Virtual Reality Volumetric Display Techniques for Three-Dimensional Medical Ultrasound
R. J. Littlefield, R. W. Heiland, and C. R. Macedonia
Ultrasound in Health Care in the Information Age, H. Sieburg, S. Weghorst, and K. Morgan (Eds.), IOS Press and Ohmsha, 1996

Towards Analyzing the Dynamics of Flames
E. Stone, D. Armbruster, and R. Heiland
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Object-Oriented Parallel Polygon Rendering
R. W. Heiland
Proceedings from ACM Graphics & Visualization Conference, Richland, WA, 1994

KLTool: A tool to analyze spatiotemporal complexity
D. Armbruster, R. Heiland, and E. J. Kostelich
Chaos 4 (2), 1994

Phase-space analysis of bursting behavior in Kolmogorov flow
D. Armbruster, R. Heiland, E. Kostelich, and B. Nicolaenko
Physica D 58, 1992

KLTool: A Mathematical Tool for Analyzing Spatiotemporal Data
R. Heiland
Master's Thesis, Mathematics Dept, Arizona State University, 1992

Animated Rotations using Quaternions and Splines on a 4D Sphere (Russian)
G. Nielson and R. Heiland
Programmirovanie, July-August 1992. English edition, Programming and Computer Software, available from Plenum Publishing Corporation, NY

A Front-End User Interface for Geometric Modeling
R. Heiland
Master's Thesis, Dept of Computer Science, University of Utah, 1985

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