Collaborations (current and past)

Partial list of supporting software

Tools, Applications

  • NLOPredict is a nonlinear optical prediction and data analysis program developed as a plug-in to UCSF Chimera. Nonlinear optical measurements can yield information about the orientation of molecules at surfaces and interfaces. Identical molecules in different orientations with result in drastically different measured nonlinear optical values. NLOPredict gives a rapid means of predicting and visualizing the nonlinear optical response in any molecular orientation. Coupling the predictive power with measurements of real samples results in a way to determine of molecular orientation.
  • Matplotlib - We used to host all-inclusive binaries of matplotlib for OSX here, but you should now visit the matplotlib download site for these.
  • PyMOL and Chimera plugins for Life Science Web services.
  • PyMOL plugin for loading any protein from the PDB (now part of PyMOL)
  • GLEWPy
  • MolNav - Molecular Navigator (available upon request from PONDR)
  • PyMOL plugin for MolNav

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