NIH project Oct 2007
SDA Lab receives funding to work on NIH project (PI,James Glazier,IU Physics)
NSF project July 2007
SDA Lab receives funding to work on NSF project (PI,Garth Simpson,Purdue Chemistry)
Shift to UITS April 2007
Randy is on loan to the HPC group in the Research Technologies division of UITS.
SciVis software overview Feb 27, 2007
Randy guest-lectures in the Programming for Chemical and Life Science Informatics class.
AAAS Statement on Climate Change Feb 19, 2007

Supercomputing '06 Nov 12-17, 2006
SDA Lab conducted a workshop in the Education Program and participated in demos in the IU booth.
Paul Halmos (1916-2006) Oct 2, 2006
CSB 2006 Aug 14-18, 2006
Poster presentation (joint work with CCBB) at CSB Conference
SC Edu workshop July 13, 2006
Randy conducted a workshop for about 50 teachers as a follow-up to the Supercomputing '05 Education Program.
Indiana BioConf May 19, 2006
Poster session on LifeScienceWeb at the Third Annual Indiana Bioinformatics Conference.
Solutions Conference May 17, 2006
Poster session on LifeScienceWeb at the annual Solutions Conference at IUPUI.
ISEF May 11-12, 2006
Interactive exhibit booth at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.
TLT '06 Mar 1, 2006
The SDA Lab and Katie Browning presented a poster session, based on their workshops, at the Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference at Purdue.
HASTI '06 Feb 10, 2006
The SDA Lab presented a talk and demonstration at the HASTI conference in Indianapolis.
PSB '06 Jan 3-7, 2006
Sean Mooney presented a poster on our LifeScienceWeb collaboration at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing.

Supercomputing '05 Nov 14-18, 2005
The SDAL participated in the Supercomputing conference in Seattle - presenting (1) our Life Sciences research in collaboration with the Mooney Lab and (2) our contribution to the Education Program.
Girl Scouts Math & Science Center Nov 7, Dec 6 2005
The SDAL followed up its spring workshop with two more evening workshops teaching Squeak to Girl Scouts (6th grade) in the Math & Science Center computer lab.
Richard Smalley (1943-2005) Oct 28, 2005
Girls Incorporated® of Indianapolis Oct 24, 2005
The SDAL began an after-school set of workshops teaching Squeak to 6-8 year-old girls at the Girls Inc.® Fountain Square computer lab.
I-Light Sep 21-22, 2005
The SDAL participated in the I-Light conference at IUPUI, presenting one Education talk, another Life Sciences talk, and hosting Berk Geveci from Kitware who spoke about parallel visualization.
Squeak conference Aug 10-12, 2005
The SDAL presented a project at the annual Squeak conference.
MegaConferenceJr May 19, 2005
The SDAL and AVL co-hosted the MegaConferenceJr event at IUPUI. Two local school groups participated and were given demonstrations by SDAL, AVL, and VISL at the ICTC.
Complexity Workshop May 16, 2005
Randy attended the Complex Systems Symposium at UIUC.
Biocomplexity VII Workshop May 9, 2005
Randy and Charlie attended the annual Biocomplexity workshop in Bloomington.
Philip Morrison (1915-2005) Apr 22, 2005
Informatics guest lecture Apr 19, 2005
Randy guest lectured in I502, Informatics Management, at IUPUI.
21st Century Charter School Apr 7, 2005
Randy met with Dante Brown, Principal at the 21st Century Charter school (Union Station), to discuss possible collaborations in K-12 science & math education.
PyCon 2005 Mar 23-25, 2005
Charlie and Randy attended the annual Python Conference in Washington, D.C.. The Python scripting language is widely used in various scientific computing domains.
Hans Bethe (1906-2005) Mar 5, 2005
Girl Scout workshop Mar 1, 2005
Randy and Katie Browning presented a workshop on Squeak at the Girl Scout Math & Science Center computer lab.
Teaching and Learning with Technology Feb 15-16, 2005
Randy, David, and Katie Browning had a poster presentation at the annual Purdue Teaching and Learning with Technology conference.
Charlie ties the knot! Jan 1, 2005
Charlie Moad and Candice Ellis got married in Evansville IN. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

NSTA in Indy Nov 4-5, 2004
Randy and Charlie attended the annual convention of the National Science Teachers Association, held in downtown Indy.
ICTC Dedication Oct 13, 2004
The SDA Lab demoed various Life Sciences-related projects at the dedication ceremony of our new home, the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex.
ISEA/SEFI Oct 12, 2004
Randy attended the first annual meeting of the Indiana Science Education Alliance, part of SEFI.
SciPy Sept 3, 2004
Randy presented "Python-based Tools and Web Services for Structural Bioinformatics" (co-authored with Charlie and Sean Mooney) at the annual SciPy (Scientific Tools for Python) conference at Caltech.
Squeakfest Aug 5-7, 2004
David and Randy attended a workshop in Chicago on Squeak, an open source software project to help get kids excited about learning math and science.
Center for Teaching & Learning Aug 3, 2004
Randy met with Janice Montgomery, K-12 Program Coordinator, of the Community Education Coalition to discuss ways in which SDA could participate in future programs.
Francis Crick (1916-2004)
Presentation at Mooney Lab July 6, 2004
Randy, Charlie, and Bhanu presented an overview of the Pervasive Technology Labs, with more detail on the SDA Lab, at the Mooney Lab weekly group meeting.
Girl Scouts Math & Science June 15, 2004
Randy visited Katie Browning, manager of the Math & Science Center at the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, to discuss future collaborations.
SDA at 1st Indiana Bioinformatics Conference May 27, 2004
The SDA Lab and Molecular Kinetics, Inc. presented a collaborative poster at the First Indiana Bioinformatics Conference in Indianapolis. The poster was titled "MolNav: A tool for visualizing protein disorder".
Charlie Moad begins as Research Associate May 2004
Having finished his M.S. degree in Computer Science from IU-Bloomington, Charlie Moad joins the SDA Lab as a Research Associate. Welcome Charlie!! Read more.
Informatics guest lecture April 2004
Randy delivered a guest lecture on scientific visualization in Prof. Narayanan Perumal's Informatics class (I502) at IUPUI.
Mooney Lab collaboration Mar 2004
The SDA Lab begins a collaboration with Prof. Sean Mooney, Dept. of Molecular Genetics, IU School of Medicine. The Mooney Lab's current research focuses on understanding effects of genomic variation on the human proteome using bioinformatics.
I-Light presentation Mar 9, 2004
Randy presented a talk, "Science & Math Education using Networked IT", at the 2004 I-Light conference.
Lab welcomes Bhanu Potugari Mar 2004
The SDA Lab welcomes Bhanu Potugari as a Graduate Research Assistant. Bhanu is a Master's student in the School of Informatics at IUPUI.
Lab welcomes Sheetal Patil Feb 2004
The SDA Lab welcomes Sheetal Patil as a Graduate Research Assistant. Sheetal is a Master's student in Computer Engineering at IUPUI.
Lab welcomes Charlie Moad Jan 2004
The SDA Lab welcomes Charlie Moad as a Graduate Research Assistant. Charlie is a native Hoosier and a Master's degree student in Computer Science at IU-Bloomington.

Cummins Tech Center Dec 5, 2003
Randy presented an overview of the Pervasive Tech Labs and, in particular, the mission of the SDA Lab at the Cummins Technical Center in Columbus, IN.
Lab welcomes David Milsho Nov 17, 2003
The SDA Lab welcomes David Milsho as a student programmer. David is an undergraduate student in the School of New Media at IUPUI.
IUPUI ET Nov 7, 2003
Randy presented an overview of the Pervasive Tech Labs to several faculty at the IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology.
MKI Sep 23, 2003
cooperative agreement
SDA Lab and Molecular Kinetics, Inc. sign a cooperative agreement to begin working together.
Statewide IT Conference Sep 12, 2003
SDA Lab overview is presented at this 8th annual IU conference.
SDA Lab is created June 9, 2003
Randy Heiland is named Associate Director of the SDA Lab.

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