Indy Robot Racing

NOV '05 UPDATE: We're sorry to report that the team was unable to complete the Grand Challenge race. Nevertheless, the overall race was a success, with 4 teams completing the entire race in under 10 hours. We commend the Indiana (IRV) team on their hard work and vision!

We are excited about the Indy Robot Racing project and wish the team well in the upcoming competition. Here is an introductory page about the race and our lab's participation in the project.

Below we show some sample stereo images (left-right eye pair) from a test of one of the cameras being considered (thanks to Steve Johnson). Apparently the exposure of the camera is automatically adjusting, going from overexposed at the beginning to good exposure at the end.

It's possible to view these left-right eye stereo images if you're patient and willing to look a bit goofy. Googling for 'view stereo pair' will produce pages on how to do this. One can simply use an inexpensive pair of stereoscopic viewers when looking at left-right stereo pairs (either printed as photos or on the computer screen). Here's a pair made by LOREO:

Here are some sample left-right stereo frames, some sample image filters, and an animated gif movie snippet.

We have also enlarged these sample images, made movie snippets, and can then play them on a large screen stereo display such as the VisBox in our labs.

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