The mission of the Scientific Data Analysis Lab (SDAL) is to develop and deploy software tools and applications that contribute to improved science understanding and education. The Lab works collaboratively with academic researchers and educators who have challenging problems in scientific data management, analysis, and visualization.


Most of today's scientific research and development is highly multidisciplinary. The African proverb "it takes a village to raise a child" is also true for research. It takes a collaborative team of people from diverse disciplines to carry out a successful scientific project. These researchers include domain-specific scientists -- biologists, physicists, physicians, engineers -- as well as mathematicians, computer scientists, cognitive scientists, and others. The SDAL contributes to the computer science aspects of collaborative projects, developing both software infrastructure and applications. The Lab provides expertise in scientific visualization, data analysis and data mining, and Web and Grid-based services. The SDAL advocates the use of and contributes to open source software.

The Lab is also committed to and actively engaged in science and mathematics education in its K-12 outreach efforts.


The Lab is located in the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex (the ICTC building) at 535 W. Michigan St., on the IUPUI campus.

For more information, contact heiland@indiana.edu

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